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Powered up: HOFFMAN and The Lost Weekend review

HOFFMAN and The Lost Weekend review

HOFFMAN – Reflection

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock n’ roll is the poor’s man Yogic Guru. Sure, we all know that meditation is good for our minds, but most of us don’t actually go to the trouble of doing it. It’s just the way that we’ve heard drinking a lot of water is helpful or that drinking too much can be harmful. Those are great pieces of advice that most of us will never bother trying. 

On the other hand, rock music, when it’s good is instantaneous and entirely gripping. There’s almost no way to focus on a band that is compelling enough without being whisked away into their sound. It’s a great way to trip out, spark your imagination, and to reignite your passions. It’s a really simple way to meditate. 

HOFFMAN’s Reflection features the kind of thunderous guitar sounds that will either instantly turn you off or demand your complete focus. It’s worked to feel like the soundtrack to a disaster movie. And, just like a tremendous calamity, it’s hard not to keep your focus on it. Choose HOFFMAN as your budget Indian gurus. 

The Lost Weekend – What’s My Dream

Genre: Shoegaze, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr.

It was easy to understand why someone with anyone would want to be a rockstar. The kind of lifestyle awarded to the person that managed to climb to the top of the heap of rock musicians used to be something that only the monarchy, drug dealers, and professional athletes ever got to receive. It only made sense to want this kind of success. 

Rock music may not quite be the force that it once was. But, this is not entirely bad. For one thing, it helps determine who is involved in making this kind of music with the futile hopes of becoming rich or who’s in it for something else. Now, the really good news is that there will always be people willing to sign up for that something else, the thrills that can’t be evaluated merely in monetary terms. 

The Lost Weekend’s What’s My Dream sounds like music made by people that still believe in the power of rock to twist their minds and improve their lives. The song is built on a steady late 80s indie-rock foundation. However, it’s the airy, husky lead vocals that cut through the most, creating a kind of Happy Mondays meets Bryan Adams sort of scenario. Hard to find that mix, as well as this kind of genuine excitement. 

HOFFMAN - Reflection


The Lost Weekend - What's My Dream




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