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Hollywood Folk Hogan and Lettuce Inn Reviewed

Hollywood Folk Hogan and Lettuce Inn Reviewed

Hollywood Folk Hogan – Heavy Rain

Similar artists: Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Band

Genre: Blues, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock

Punk-rock offered a revolution of conscience that all other rock bands had to take note of. Progressive rock bands would no longer be able to push +10 minutes on unsuspecting radio listeners. They had to get to the point. And they needed a point to be able to get to. In theory, greater focus sounds like a good thing. We should have better songs, right? 

But not even Ramones or Sex Pistols could have predicted the 10-second TikTik sounds that have replaced singles over past years. They couldn’t know that record companies would push their commercial agenda to the point where blink-and-you’ll-miss-it jingles would replace songs. We might need a new revolution, and it’ll involve songs that are their time. 

Inspired by folk-rockers and great jam-rock bands, Hollywood Folk Hogan’s “Heavy Rain” is not a product of modern pop music. No, it’s a song that moves in its own time and a tune that requires taking time to give it love and affection in order to understand its magic. Call it The Revenge of the Deadheads, if you will. But, once again, we need to listen closely to the music we let into our lives, and Hollywood Folk Hogan are fighting for this very thing. 

Lettuce Inn – I Am The Wizard, Said The Wizard

Similar artists: The Beatles, The Dukes Of Stratosphear, Electric Light Orchestra

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Pop music’s always been ridiculous, and so have the people who play it. But ever since, most rockstars have been unable to afford the Rolls Royce cars that they could once drive through swimming pools; this has become all the more obvious. Can you believe that people like Bono or Ian Anderson really once thought they could write pop songs that could stop wars or save whales?   

That’s not to say that pop music can’t be really pretty, make you want to dance, or even convince you that you should clean your room. It’s really good for tiny things or for the sorts of things that are make-believe. Now that the cool guys are no longer playing guitars but making money in finance, it’s time for the nerds, the dorks and comic book collectors to reclaim what’s theirs. 

Lettuce Inn’s “I Am The Wizard, Said The Wizard” has a title that sounds like a repurposing of Dwight Shrutte’s quote. The music is just as ridiculous. But it’s very good too. It sounds like The Beatles pulling together all of their talents while actively working to destroy their carefully built careers. It’s a memorable song about little things – like endless D&D sessions. 

Hollywood Folk Hogan - Heavy Rain


Lettuce Inn - I Am The Wizard, Said The Wizard




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