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Holy Ship and Citrus Lover Reviewed

Holy Ship and Citrus Lover Reviewed

Holy Ship – Comprehend The End

Similar artists: TVAM, Primal Scream, The Verve, The Jesus and Mary Chain, llawgne

Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Most of us are afraid of life and, especially, of death and we look ridiculous while we’re at it. Most of us would rather be cool about it. After all, societies of every type celebrate coolness, especially if it arrives in the face of unavoidable calamity. 

The status of the guy who went into the jungle to wrestle a tiger with his bare hands couldn’t be matched by anyone but the kind. The status of the guy who flies his plane behind enemy lines is rewarded with hold medals once the coffin gets back home. And, similarly, the status of nightclub-frequenting death rockers is untouchable in our time. 

Holy Ship’s “Comprehend The End” is a tune that brings to mind the brave psychedelic pop meanderings of 1990s chemically-challenged bands like Primal Scream or The Verve. It’s all meant to sound extremely cool as if the music is recorded live from a party being held on top of the Korean DMZ while rockets are flying overhead. It’s not enough to disturb the groove or the dancing it encourages. And, that’s, well… pretty cool, eh? 

Citrus Lover – Brailleman

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

There’s very little left to discover in the world. Most of us are playing our part in having the mysteries disappear. Everyone is on the clock. Everything is done to a well-tested formula. Pop music, in particular, functions by this rationale. There’s a simple reason why you don’t hear much innovative music on the radio these days. It flies in the face of formulas used to decide what kind of tunes need to be put on there. 

Pop hits typically leave no room for exploration, either by the musician or by the audience. They go in a straight line, usually starting with the money hook and ending with it. When performed live, the songs adhere to the very same logic. They’re perfect, and other than the stage decoration, they could just as well be carefully choreographed music videos.  

What makes Citrus Lover’s “Brailleman” a retro alt-rocker is the belief that revealing music can’t come out of stringing together the exact same sequences of sound that you’re used to. It’s why drums and bass get center stage first. And it is why the confident vocals address issues that seem pressing but are not mentioned by name. It’s enough to make you add your own version of the truth to it and enough to help you find yourself. 

Holy Ship - Comprehend The End


Citrus Lover - Brailleman




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