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Flowers of romance: Hot Plastic Poets & Audio Force One reviewed

Hot Plastic Poets and Audio Force One reviewed

Audio Force One – Black Eyes

There are only so many formulas for success going around. And, when it comes to music videos, the thousands upon thousands of hours of data that have been collected go to prove one thing. A video featuring beautiful women and/or fast cars is more likely to get you noticed than one that doesn’t. 

This is a formula not restricted to Sammy Hagar, pop stars, or any particular genre. Portuguese act Audio Force One make a moody, yet danceable rock sound, but know a good visual concept when they see one. 

Musically, this is a pleasing modern radio-rock tune. In fact, it’s the strategy that guitar bands ought to consider adopting if they want to have any hope of surviving the current state of the music world. Black eyes certainly owes its debt to the grunge era, with its baritone vocals and murky instrumental. However, it swings and offers just enough pop hooks to make it competitive on an over-saturated market with pretty melodies. Solid single. 

Hot Plastic Poets – Goth Gf

Feed upwards of five beers to any former rocker now working in an office, and, most likely, you will be regaled with stories of true teenage romance involving girls wearing fishnets, an immense amount of mascara, and enough to black hair dye and nail polish to make the folks in Cradle of Filth cower away in fear. 

Things do tend to look quite better in retrospect, of course, but, if you’re friendly with the office-dweller, you will not point this out. And, as he recalls his romantic pursuits, try to summon Hot Plastic Poets’ Goth Gf to mind. 

An ideal soundtrack to young, reckless romance, this tune is covered in as many layers of surf-reverb as your plastic protection on your new Ikea table. The vocals would be the kind we’d describe as having character. The lyrics are a pleasant walk through the past. If the true romantic in you hasn’t yet perished, and you want someone to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show with, this song may steer you in the right direction. 

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