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Right through the teeth: HWDU and Lorraine-Dietrich reviewed

HWDU and Lorraine-Dietrich reviewed

Lorraine-Dietrich – Hard To Be Alone

Genre: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Garage Rock

You bet your life that music genres were important, specifically for the people tasked with providing the music itself. Try and join a heavy metal band without possessing long curls and you’d be thrown onto the sidewalk. Try and join a punk band without the appropriate beer-splattered leather jacket and you’d be a laughing stock. 

The same logic applied when record labels attempted to promote the groups that they had under their jurisdiction. There was no room for error. Record shops had clear delimitations and those borders were expressed in music genres. Attempts to indulge in other patterns could only be done at the peril of the band’s music career. 

Such things seem archaic these days. Few still believe in those kinds of labels, especially the indie click. But, the rockers are getting in on it too. Lorraine-Dietrich’s Hard To Be Alone is an ode to every music genre that the band members possess in their discography. There’s grunge, there’s classic hard-rock, and even, dare I say it, the ambitiousness of prog. Lorraine-Dietrich are not messing around as they throw their weight behind this single. 

HWDU – Shit TV

Genre: Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Clutch, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters

Ever since Swinging-London became a bit of a bore, the best music scenes can be found in remote places. They require taking some sort of strange means of transportation. It may involve climbing hills and ask from one house to another where the music luminaries can be found. Simply put, it may require your effort. 

This is great news for bands who can’t afford the ticket or the free time to move to L.A. or London, or who just couldn’t stand the terrible food there. It’s enough to give a kid with a guitar, living out on a ranch or in a desert hope. The scene can be anywhere as long as it produces some sort of excitement. 

HWDU sound as if they’ve been making their Clutch-inspired brand of rock far away from the ears of the mainstream music industry. This makes their sound on Shit TV all the more convincing. HWDU are riff barbarians distrustful of all the world once to hand them for free. The hills will be alive with music once more people pick up on their sounds. 

Lorraine-Dietrich - Hard To Be Alone


HWDU - Shit TV




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