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I don’t speak french and Fast Money Music Reviewed

I don't speak french and Fast Money Music Reviewed

I don’t speak french – I’m On The Internet

The history of pop music can really be divided into two phases – Earthy and artificial. If you’ve missed one of them, don’t worry. Just wait long enough, and it will come back. 

The hippies never went away. They’re just waiting for the appropriate time to come back in the spotlight, flowers in their hair and all. Every few years, potential hippies move back to the countryside, rent a cottage, and start making songs that utilize background vocals produced by cows and badgers. 

Then it switches. People get tired of the silly optimism of hippies and their simple way of life. What sounds can computers do nowadays? How can we record it so that is sounds as little as if it was recorded in a barn? 

I don’t speak french are part of the great tradition of artificial pop music. “I’m On The Internet” is influenced by punk and by Google trends. It sounds as modern and ominous as your social media feed. In that way, for the moment, I don’t speak french have the finger on the pulse of the world… who lives exclusively online. 

Fast Money Music – Space Opera

If you live in a small town that is suddenly gripped by the mania of Italian or French cuisine, don’t be afraid when restaurants start popping up everywhere. And, by all means, don’t get upset when those restaurants aren’t very good. Is that what they think the Italians and French eat? It may be ridiculous, but it’s all part of the master plan. 

It takes a lot of interest for a lot of terrible Italian and French restaurants before a few really good ones have an excuse to be started. It takes people getting their buds adjusted and disappointed to allow them to realize what they’ve really been missing. You need a bit of contrast between good and bad to really appreciate an extraordinary Neapolitan pizza. 

We’ve had a lot of post-punk thrown at us in recent years. Most of it is made by disgruntled office workers from England yelling into their microphones about the state of the weather and the price of lager. Fast Money Music’s “Space Opera” couldn’t have appeared without it. This is cheerful pop music from people who don’t sound like they work in an office and certainly can’t be too bothered about lager. It’s a new variety and, frankly, we could do with of sweetening for the whole thing. 

I don't speak french - I'm On The Internet


Fast Money Music - Space Opera




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