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Indications and Pregame Rituals Reviewed

Indications and Pregame Rituals Reviewed

Pregame Rituals – No Light (feat. Chance Wells)

Similar artists: Deftones, TOOL, The Smashing Pumpkins, Thrice

Genre: Screamo, Post Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock music has offered us all sorts of interesting duels between successful bands. But to truly understand who came on top, you have to give it a few decades. That’s when the groups’ true influence is really seen. But, by that time, you may have also lost interest in the scene. 

The 2000s-branded scene of nu-metal is making a comeback these days, but it’s the hushed, alluring sounds of those bands that modern audiences want. Pregame Rituals are a modern group that has the 2000s-era mix of anger and sensitivity down. The best thing about it as these coordinates also invite experimentation. Songs that do not adhere to a clear formula are welcomed, and it’s something that also strengthens the listening experience. 

Pregame Rituals’ “No Light” is a seductive, inventive sound not unlike that of the band’s heroes, Deftones. But like their favourites, Rituals do not have a clear map of where their music is supposed to end up. This means that clever alt-rock and metal-inspired instrumental pieces are brought on board, and a thick, psychedelic energy is used to steer the ship. 

You need a few years to understand which musical direction had the greatest influence, and Pregame Rituals’ sound gives us a good indication of who won the 2000s Nu-metal Battle. 

Indications – bruise

Similar artists: Manchester Orchestra, Thrice, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins

Genre: Post-Punk, Grunge

Why did people typically like to listen to music before the last hundred years or so? Well, for the most part, it was just a form of meditation, a calming of the brain. If it wasn’t that, it was meant to amuse people attending some kind of celebration. But in modern times, we expect our music to tell us something about the hardships we need to get through and to give us courage. That’s what modern alt-rockers Indications try to do with their sounds. 

Call this an affordable form of therapy if you must. Modern music that manages to truly connect with a large group of people must start from a place of honesty. It must reveal things about the songwriter that are hard to admit. And when it does this, it acquires the power and potential to do the same for the people listening to the music. 

Indications’ “bruise” is a mature piece of alt-rock inspired by the more ambitious, artsy predecessors belonging to this style of music. It’s a song loaded with hurt and with mysterious routes that one must take in order to avoid further suffering. Indications know about tension and relief, strong melodies and arrangements that plug the listener into this tale of suffering. 

Pregame Rituals - No Light (feat. Chance Wells)


Indications - bruise




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