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Hooks for days – Indie pop-rock reviews – August 2020

Rufus Coates & Jess Smith - Modern Day Cathedral indie rock 2020 review

Goalkeeper – Happy

There are verses of this tune where if you’d told me this was a recent Blink-182 rarity I’d believe you. Mind you, not just the vocals are worthy of comparison, but the drumming that seems to try and include as many fills as humanly possible is reminiscent of Travis Barker.

Goalkeeper makes pop-punk of the mature vein. Yes, the sound is effervescent and bouncy, but there’s doubt in the hearts of these melodic punk rockers.

Serious Matters – Never Knows Best

Emo has mutated into interesting forms over the years. The earnestness of its infancy gave way to arena-filling anthems. Serious Matters is grown-up emo. Never Knows Best is dramatic, arms in the air-rock. Moments of reflection are quickly followed by a roar of choruses that suggest this band is giving all it has to give.

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