Indie rock jungle: bobsled team, Movie Star

Indie rock jungle: bobsled team, Movie Star

bobsled team – You’re so Cool

Irish group bobsled team find themselves much in the same place as Kurt Cobain prior to writing the songs that would end up on Nevermind. Like Cobain, they love the Pixies. And, love for the Pixies, as is the case with the likes of Motorhead and the Ramones, can be a tremendous encouragement to pick up some musical gear and create your very own version. 

This is not to say that the “You’re so cool” is entirely unoriginal. No, in fact, the dup’s fingerprints are all over the recording of this. The vocals, both the lead and harmonies, are charming. The simple is aided by a very good drum sound. And, just like the Pixies, there are moments of pure exhilaration to be found in this track. 

Write what you know,” they say. It’s advice that the bobsled team has taken to heart. “You’re so Cool” is quite a find. 

Movie Star – I Was Fed Everything

Movie Star sounds like a band reverse-engineering a potential hit. They seem to have heard a lot of indie rock and garage, especially from bands originating from their native New York, the Mecca of guitar-based cool. 

The jagged guitar chords of the intro could easily make us want to compare them to the garage-rock-revival bands of the 2000s, but we won’t. The lyrics might sound like Lou Reed confessing his disbelief in rock n roll. But, that’s hardly worth bringing up. And, the vocals could drive us to compare Nick Macdisi to Julian Casablancas. That might be pointless. 

Instead, we will say that Movie Star have a clear goal in mind on their single “I Was Fed Everything“. They are trying to create a bratty indie-rock hit, and they get things right. At 2 minutes and 21 seconds, it’s a song that shows the positive effects of obsessing endlessly over music. 

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