Interview with Ben Grubin, former singer of Hockey and current modern sonic explorer

Ben Grubin Hockey Intervew

As the singer for the 2000’s indie-rock group, Hockey, Ben Grubin presented himself as one of the most charismatic, witty and attention-seeking musicians of his generation. The group’s debut album, Mind Chaos, was a vibrant mixture of choppy guitar chords, danceable rhythms, and clever lyrics.

Nowadays, Ben Grubin is a changed man. As we learned from our fascinating talk with him, those changes have been for the better. The singer is happier with himself He is also just as enthusiastic about making music. And, he has an entirely new lease on life, it hasn’t all come easy for the former indie-rockstar.

Grubin walks us through his transformation. This included busking in front of the Capitol Records building. Therapy sessions held with those stopping to hear his music were also part of the course. . It also involved a deep dive into philosophy and self-help literature.

The new outlook on life is also reflected in the songwriter’s new musical project. It’s a brave new blend of styles that embraces modern electronica but also hints at the enthusiasm of his early recordings.

Here’s our talk with Ben Grubin.

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