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Ways to spend an evening: Inverted Jenny and Ghost Town Remedy reviewed

Inverted Jenny and Ghost Town Remedy reviewed

Ghost Town Remedy – Nacho Business

The current overstated opinion that we are living through some of the worst times in recorded history is a preposterous exaggeration. It is a bit of bummer, I’ll give you that, but hardly worth erasing 2020 out of recorded history. However, we have never been more entertained or given as many opportunities to laugh as we are in the modern age. Everyone has a favourite comedian, comedy shows make millions, oftentimes without even being funny, and the advertising world usually strives to use some kind of humour to peddle their ads, unless they are using scare-tactics instead. 

Weird Al, may not be as revolutionary today, but he has set a template. We want to laugh at things that pretend to be serious, like old, musky rock n’ roll. We need things to relate to, especially if those things are rather embarrassing. A love note to a late-night calorie explosion works neatly. 

Ghost Town Remedy has written such a tune and, I must admit, I, like yourself, could not help but imagine that they were singing directly to me. Drinking too many beers and getting stuck with a nacho at midnight? Well, sure. It certainly helps that the band members can play up a storm, arrange a nasty little rock tune and knock on our funny bones. 

Inverted Jenny – Painkiller

Painkiller by Inverted Jenny is a wonderful lo-fi produced road trip song. It makes you imagine what getting up in the morning through the blistering cold might feel like. Trust me, it never does. Similarly, the song acts as a kind of Fata Morgana.

The other visual point of reference for me, while listening to this tune, are the imagined travels through the Orient, or at least, once again, the idealized version that old-time psychedelic and hippie music must have convinced us these trips would feel, look, and taste like. While, for example, India is beautiful in every respect, believe me, that the image described by the Beatles from the Rishikesh abodes does not paint the full picture, nor does it portray it in quite the appropriate psychedelic lighting. 

Painkiller is a very pretty song dominated by the songwriters’ amazing shrill tone created by her Jazzmaster. The vocals float above the instrumental confidently, while the song’s breaks and the highly present reverb effects cover the tune like incense in a yoga & meditation center. 

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