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It looks like the Distillers are reuniting in 2018

The Distillers

Rumor has it that the Brody Dalle led punk band, the Distillers. will be reuniting in 2018. Details of the band’s plans are yet to be provided.

It’s an exciting day for fans of the early 2000’s punk band the Distillers. A short, 30 seconds clip, posted to social media supports the idea that the band is set to reunite. The video was posted to one of singer/guitarist Brody Dalle’s social media accounts. It’s titled “THE DISTILLERS 2018”. To make matters all the more exciting, it seems to hint at brand new music from the band.

The Distillers set to reuniteThe group was one of the defining bands of alternative rock at the beginning of the 2000’s. The Distillers were among a host of rock groups taking a garage and punk influenced sound towards platinum success. Their career included the recording of three studio albums. The last of these, Coral Fang, featured a more melodic sound infused with familiar punk energy. It sold in the millions and turned the band, with a special focus on Brody Dalle, into a globally successful group.

Just as they reached their commercial peak, the Distillers went on hiatus. Dalle and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua formed the indie rock outfit Spinnerette. By 2012, Brody was performing under a solo moniker. She produced the album Diploid Love in 2014. Naturally, questions about the Distillers reforming were presented to the singer on numerous occasions. No positive response was ever provided.

The Distillers It now looks that indeed the band will be reuniting. It is as yet unclear whether plans will include recording new music and/or touring. It’s expected updates will be provided shortly, with the video notice already garnering considerable attention.

With a well-known, nicely crafted back catalog the Distillers will surely be met on the road by a host of old and new fans. Given the band’s potential and good track-record expectations are naturally high that new music will be presented to the public and will live up to the band’s legacy.

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