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Witchy ways: Izy Bandha and Jealous reviewed by Alt77

Izy Bandha and Jealous reviewed by Alt77

Jealous – Thunder

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Sleater Kinny, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Slits, X-Ray Specs, Bikini Kill, The Cramps

Some people love the kind of artists that feel approachable. As Holden Caulfield best summed it up, it feels like you want to call those people up immediately after reading their book, hearing their music, seeing their movie. It feels like they could be your best friend, and could provide information from their vast repository of knowledge. 

That’s good and all, but I happen to think that some of the best artists are the ones that you would never want as your friends. In fact, you’d change addresses if your location ever came into their hands. A phone call would be restricted to no more than “yes“, or “no“. These are not average, friendly people we’re talking about, and they seem to make the best records. 

I say this with only superficial knowledge of Jealous. The single Thunder, however, does possess the kind of unhealthy thrills that so many bands pretend to have. There’s a snarl to vocals and a groove in the rhythm section that only people with little left to lose are able to create convincingly.

Izy Bandha – Shadow (in Mirror)

Genre: Post-Punk, Emo, Alternative Rock

Where have all the witches gone? At one point, rock n’ roll had many female representatives hinting towards an association with the occult, the art of influencing events according to one’s will. 

And, to be fair, the interest in mysterious rock n’ roll grew around the very same time that new-age, esoteric, occult literature was starting to become a force. Carlos Castaneda and those who followed him sold millions of copies. And, regardless of what you think of these cohorts of magicians, they influenced many people. 

Nowadays, except for highly mainstream music that cheekily hints towards it, the ritual has fallen out of favour with rock musicians. Izy Bandha is an exciting new artist that points towards these values in her song Shadow (in Mirror). Part emo confessional, part witchy incantation, this is a glimpse into the delicate, exciting works of an artist just beginning to find her way. 

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