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Common insecurity: j a b o b o and Digress x Edollo Featuring Slen reviewed

j a b o b o and Digress x Edollo Featuring Slen reviewed

Digress x Edollo Featuring Slen – L.A.F.

When it comes to popular music, things are seen through rose-tinted glasses if you move far away enough and apply some old fashion nostalgia. After all, the rap-metal of the 2000s was decried by old-time rockers, and while it wasn’t revolutionary, it was certainly not that bad. And, for that reason carries on having some fans today. 

Guitar music featuring aggressive vocals is supposed to sound noxious and offensive to large groups of people if it is supposed to go anywhere. Instead, most of the present day’s aggressive rock music is cheesy and wouldn’t scare a toddler with a hiccup. 

Digress & Edollo Featuring Slen’s L.A.F. is, likely, everything that classic rockers hate nowadays. It is metal that features a trap beat, hip hop elements, and loyalty towards manga cartoons. It is a great reflection of the anger of the times, just like Born to be wild may have rung the right bells for some folks back in the 60s. Not everything that is modern is good, but everything that is determined to sound old and classy can’t possibly hope to change anything in the present tense. 

j a b o b o – walk through the snow

The moment Mick Jagger first sang, “It’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it“, millions of people around the world felt legitimized to put an imaginary bounty on the head of the British singer. ONLY rock n’ roll? Why, rock is surely something mystical, with powers that go way beyond our mere mortal comprehension. 

Years later and rock’s hold on to the imagination of the music-loving masses. This kind of style still seems rooted in something wholly spiritual only for those few still paying attention. However, for others who simply want to get a hit, get some bread and tour the world sometime in the safe-future, writing guitar tunes is a recipe. Get the formula right, and you’re set. 

Not many get the formula right which is really the reason why rock won’t be threatening the dominance of pop and hip-hop in the charts any time soon. j a b o b o may not be taking the whole thing very seriously, but their recipe is balanced and attractive. They’ve got soulful, slowed-down instrumentation that sounds like someone taking soul and bastardizing it into vaporwave, and vocals that seem lifted off of a grunge band’s aborted blues project. You put in the right kind of ingredients, you get the right kind of result. 

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