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Old Grunge, New Music, and Teaching Chris Cornell to Play Guitar Riffs: An Interview With Jack Endino

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Jack Endino is a succesful man. Sure, he’s produced records by Nirvana, Soundgarden, or Mark Lanegan. Yes, it was largely his sound that so many bands desperately tried to replicate to the point of plagiarism in the 1990s. And, no doubt, groups have fallen over themselves trying to make ’em sound “more Seattle”.

However, best of all Jack Endino is still in love with music. How can that be in doubt when years after his days of starting one of Seattle’s most underrated groups, Skin Yard, he is still active in numerous musical endeavors.

He’s even had time to record a new solo album after a year’s worth of wait. And, it’s a properly great alternative-rock record. He says he’s “cracked the code on singing”. And, it shows.

Jack Endino has been kind enough to sit down with us and through the magic of the internet breach the American-European geographical divide.

Better still, he was nice enough to tell us about the early days of what would be dubbed grunge. Did you know that Chris Cornell tried taking guitar lessons from Mr. Endino? Or, that Nirvana opened for Skin Yard? How about the Bruce Dickinson alt-rock album that he produced. The man has got some stories, as well as solid tunes. Here’s our full interview with the great Jack Endino.

Make sure to check out Mr. Endino’s newest album Set myself on fire.

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