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Jack Moy and Zero Horizon travel to the very depths of their feeling on news rock singles

Jack Moy and Zero Horizon

Zero Horizon – The Way You Feel

In the music world, artists either change with the times, they disappear, or, possibly, worse or all, they end up playing to the nostalgia circuit. Certainly, there are many fans who would prefer that music be frozen in time to exactly when it was that they fell in love with their favourite bands. The vast majority of listeners, sad but true, as time goes on give up on discovering new artists. 

However, this is the kind of mentality that keeps rock from growing and, overall, it’s a losing battle being waged. Wait long enough, and any genre will begin drawing people wanting to live out their good times. That means little. Even nu-metal, a style so criticized by critics of classic rock when it came out for not utilizing the right attitude, sounds, or clothes, is thriving with those that have the fondest of memories for music back in the early 2000s. 

Swedish rock group Zero Horizon sound like the kind of musicians that have known how adopting modern tech, trends, and open-mindedness for their brand of music was always bound to work in the best interest. The way you feel is a rock number with electro touches that punches hard and does it stylishly. The book on the modern sounds of rock is being written every single day. 

Jack Moy – Now I’m A Pro

Back in Italy, the place where the best art and cuisine come from, Commedia dell’arte was immensely popular in mid 16th Century Europe. The Italian Comedy featured actors wearing masks, getting into hilarious scenarios, performing funny antics and, generally, being used as a ploy to critique society’s vices.  

The same characters would be utilized in slightly different scenarios across various plays, and the audiences could immediately recognize them by the masks that they wore. You had characters like Pulcinella, a servant, Pantalone, a bitter and wealthy old man,  or Arlecchino, a really daft servant. The point was that these characters could never be heroes in the traditional sense but point a mirror towards the world’s ills. 

Rock is a lot like those old musky plays. The role of professional burnout is one ingrained in the fabric of the genre, albeit one featured with rarer consistency than the cool, detached winner. 

Swedish indie-rock group Jack Moy have picked up on this, and they proceed to describe their comical but serious descent into alcoholism and poor self-management on the track Now I’m A Pro. Several lines in the lyrics get lost in translation, perhaps, but we’ve seen the mask worn before. Just lift your pint and sing it. 

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