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Best laid plans: Jackson Driscoll and Slow Dress reviewed

Jackson Driscoll and Slow Dress reviewed

Slow Dress – Pressure To Party

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

I wouldn’t dare be the one handing out love advice to anyone, nor do I think that anyone has solved the issues of the heart enough to be able to provide these with any kind of authority. The next time you hear that the sea contains plenty more fish, you have my permission to draw a sigh. 

Not that you’d need one. Contrary to what the stories of playboy and playgirl stars galavanting about town with no care in the world tell you, regular people do get hurt. It’s built into the mechanism. And, while youth should be spent experimenting, take it from me, wasted, adventure-filled nights won’t be bringing you any closer to any form of enlightenment. 

Julia Jacklin’s Pressure to party perfectly captured the cramped quarters of blue hearts and despair. But, I reckon that the singing and the arrangement provided by Slow Dress really turn the tune into something resembling a classic. From the tense electro instrumental to the soulful vocals this is a marvellous song. 

Jackson Driscoll – Most Things

Genre: Surf Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Indie Pop

In the world of musical entertainment, for the most part, there are two types of performers. There are those who will tell you that life is rotten to the core and will advise you to cat and think accordingly. Then there are those that will tell you that life is just swelling and you should busy yourself with enjoying it the best that you can. 

Of these two categories, the first is, naturally, the more seductive. It’s not just the message, it’s how the people selling it present themselves as role models. They dress weirdly, they say nasty stuff, and they don’t seem to care about the consequences. 

The only thing is that, eventually, you’re going to need some hope and belief to get you anywhere, even down to your parole office. Jackson Driscoll tries to offer this kind of hope and preparation for the inevitable breakdown of the best-laid plans of his single Most Things. You won’t get many people playing a more soothing guitar, or laying down words of more hope than him.

Slow Dress - Pressure To Party


Jackson Driscoll - Most Things




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