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Soul glue: Jason Wade and Fake Shark review

Jason Wade and Fake Shark review

Fake Shark – Passing Time

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Jaguar Love, Attica Riots, The Royal Foundry

Fake Shark try to breathe new life into the magic of 1970s rock radio with their cover of Passing Time.

The very best rock records are the ones that feel created effortlessly. These are the ones that enjoy the greatest afterlives. They’re forever preserved on the radio. With so much new content arriving every day, the sheer beauty of classic rock radio is needed now more than ever before. 

Classic rock radio is not music meant to be deciphered, nor is it easy-listening. It contains songs that hit instantly. It serves as an assemblage of tunes that make people happy, and that can be used as companions through life. There’s nothing fancy and nothing wrong with them. 

Fake Shark aim to capture that innocence and immediacy here. Passing Time is a song originally performed by 70’s Canadian rock act Dwayne Ford & Bearfoot. The modern rendition is included on a compilation paying homage to the classic Canadian rock scene, one that often gets overlooked in favour of its Southern neighbours. Fake Shark hit their mark with this one. It’s sweeter than a pack of Smarties. 

Jason Wade – Can’t be You

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Fruit Bats, Bonny Light Horseman, Wilco, Gregory Alan Isakov

Jason Wade takes measury precautions before looking to weave his spell on the single Can’t be You.

Normal, average people must have looked at long-haired 1960s rockstars with great surprise. Why were these folks who nurtured an unhealthy obsession for six-strings and extravagant clothing so beloved? How could someone else access that kind of influence? 

The truth is that the best musicians operate somewhere between the lines of magician and charlatan. They manage to persuade people that every line they whisper, and every riff they play is about them. They manage to sell their songs as life companions. 

Jason Wade is looking to access that gentle magic on the single Can’t be with you. He has the compelling, friendly vocals to do it. His indie-folk approach may end up soothing many broken hearts and magic seekers. 

Fake Shark - Passing Time


Jason Wade - Can't be You




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