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Reclaim pop: jericho jericho and Aktion Kat! review

jericho jericho and Aktion Kat! review

Aktion Kat! – Soft Power

Genre: Punk, Art Rock, 80s Rock

Similar artists: Devo, Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Seratones

Do rock bands owe the listeners anything? Most of the musicians themselves would answer negatively. After all, they’re real artists, and real artists do whatever they please. It’s the world’s duty to get hip. 

Many of the very best rock songwriters know how to please themselves while making sure that their audience is taken care of first. This might seem like a novel approach in 2022. But, considering the work and influence of the likes of Elvis Costello, or David Bowie, it isn’t entirely. 

Aktion Kat! is immensely entertaining. Soft Power is a song trimmed of all fat. It’s clever, and well arranged and sounds like an attempt to cram the band’s very best hooks into a three-minute pop song. It’s the kind of song worthy of repeated listeners. Aktion Kat! are like the extended store promotion that you just can’t resist. 

jericho jericho – myra (what you’re suggesting)

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

Similar artists: The Knack, The Ramones

Sometimes, but not often, music is a simple, uninterrupted pleasure. Pure unashamed luxury. A Swedish back massage on a day that features no extraneous tasks. Sometimes pop music is easy and satisfying. 

But, usually, it isn’t. Like a good workout for the body or the brain, modern music usually requires some sort of effort. Most artists request a commitment from their audience. You’ll need to brush up on their intentions before you can assess their work. 

Not, jericho jericho’s myra (what you’re suggesting). This is fun. It’s fun in the way that My Sharona charms you so much, that you can’t even admit that you like the song. It’s immediate pop music. It reaches down to scratch an itch that only the likes of The Ramones were able to find. jericho jericho is guitar pop without whistles and bells. 

Aktion Kat! - Soft Power


jericho jericho - myra (what you're suggesting)




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