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Jerry, at the Beach and Superswell Reviewed

Jerry, at the Beach and Superswell Reviewed

Superswell – The Fire

Similar artists: Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Öyster Cult, Superbloom, Cage The Elephant

Genre: Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Can you party to modern rock music? Well, if you are a dedicated fan of this type of music, or if you are sufficiently inebriated, this is, of course, quite possible. However, for the general public, guitar music is no longer seen as a sound that’s meant to accompany good times. Superswell would like to return it to the party-going scene where it once belonged. 

The fact is that most of us have had our minds sufficiently impressed by the genius songwriters of old to consider rock n’ roll a heady, overly clever thing. But it needn’t be this way. At its essence, this is pure and simple, good-time music. Even the name of it is, at its core, just slang for uninhibited carnal bliss. 

Superswell’s “The Fire” may be driven by mean vocals and slightly distorted vocals. But at the core of it sits the groove that simply invites dancing and celebration, which can even be had during hard times. This is guitar dance music, and it’s what’s kept rock n’ roll alive for so long. There’s something vital about Superswell’s music that ought to be enough to propel their rise. 

Jerry, at the Beach – Robbie’s Roadstand

Similar artists: Guided By Voices, Television Personalities, The Pastels, of Montreal, Condo Fucks

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock

What’s a scam artist really if not just a person (usually a man) that creates an event in a place where nothing important was supposed to happen? You can also call them charlatans, con artists, or rock stars. Under any name, this is an occupation concerning who put themselves in charge of selling big dreams. Jerry, at the Beach sell the illusion with “Robbie’s Roadstand.”

This particular dream includes details of others that many people might recognize. It might’ve even got them to fill a field or crowd into a stadium. This may be lo-fi rock created with a fierce DIY attitude. But it also carries the resonance of towering Britpop anthems. 

Jerry, at the Beach’s “Robbie’s Roadstand”, manages to amalgamate a wide range of influences into a swirling pop song lasting just over three minutes. The auditory focus naturally falls on the circular vocal melodies and the lush, echo-driven guitar lines. The song blooms into an anthemic singalong, however. You could book shows at Wembley using this, under the right circumstances, and as long as you’ve bought into the dream. 

Superswell - The Fire


Jerry, at the Beach - Robbie's Roadstand




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