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Jess Hess and Isolation Reviewed

Jess Hess and Isolation Reviewed

Jess Hess – She-Ra

Similar artists: Wet Leg, Olivia Rodrigo, Nirvana, Hole

Genre: Post-Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

What’s your cause? Everyone in the Western world has a social media account, and cause that they trumpet from the security of their homes. And they all act like folk protest singers who’ve been asked by Jane Fonda to visit Mother Theresa’s house in Skopje. It’s well intended, sure, but it lacks a certain kind of responsibility, especially when there’s so much to do at home. 

Most people can’t spend time thinking about ways to help certain political causes. Most people won’t spend time thinking about how to help others in their immediate vicinity. In fact, many people from Westernized, rich countries are quite awful when you run to them on the street. And they’re ten times worse when you run into them on the internet now that their identity is hidden. 

Jess Hess’ “She-Ra” isn’t just a hilarious and angry feminist anthem. It’s not just about that. Really, it’s about the toxic behavior of internet folk, about how nasty and evil people can get once you let them hide beyond a screen. And, it’s about how entitled we’ve all become ever since phone apps have told us we can order food, drugs, or dates online. Jess Hess is a punk at heart, won’t stand for it, and neither should you. 

Isolation – Sanism

Nearly everybody likes a song that they can dance to. But, once the party is over and once enough time has passed, none of the people who danced actually want to share that song with others. A happy dance song’s life is a short one. 

I’m not suggesting that you go out and become a sad bastard if that’s something that doesn’t suit you. I just need to present the obvious to you – songs centered around deeply felt negative emotions tend to be remembered when their counterparts are not. 

Every generation has one particular type of rage-filled music genre to carry its problems. Those involved with that genre get to shout the world’s problems from the rooftops. This generation’s angry music genre is also that of 1970s music, namely post-punk. 

Isolation’s “Sanism” sounds like it tries to match the pace of modern, successful post-punk. But such songs shouldn’t be judged merely by the vocals, the bass line, or the groove. The lyrics and the emotion behind them tend to separate the tunes in this genre. With an interesting concept centered around society’s silent disapproval of people who suffer from mental illness and with strikingly earnest-sounding vocals, Isolation’s “Sanism” distinguishes itself from the pack. 

Jess Hess - She-Ra


Isolation - Sanism




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