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Psychedelia bayou: JoobieSeaz and Beatific reviewed by Alt77

JoobieSeaz and Beatific reviewed by Alt77

Beatific – hyphEnate

Genre: Indietronica, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

The days when recording artists had to religiously adhere to a certain style in order to have their work sold inside of a music store seem like centuries ago. But, back in the days where the music industry managed to obtain most of its money, albums would be sold only if they resembled some other past release that had achieved commercial success. It’s just how things went. 

Nowadays, bands take on a handful of styles at a time, mixing and attempting to have them coalesce. This approach makes much more sense. Even a simple walk down the street, if you’re living in an urban area, in particular, is accompanied by a myriad of sounds. On any particular route, you are likely to hear music, building equipment, arguments, etc. 

Beatific’s hyphEnate sounds like an Arctic Monkeys tune coming out all mixed-up and scrambled because of all the other sounds invading your space. The mix, unpredictably, is surprisingly danceable and well put together. The streets are a synth that usually plays out of key, but Beatific manage to make sense of those sounds here. 

JoobieSeaz – Stroll About

Genre: Shoegaze, Lo-fi Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Eyedress, Sonic Youth

As I am writing this, I have learned that Jean-Paul Belmondo, the great French movie star has passed away. The world is a worse place for it. Naturally, Monsieur Belmondo’s career is a remarkable one that avoids simple definition. 

However, it is worth pointing out that Belmondo, most of all, enjoyed making adventure movies in which he pretended to be a gangster. He is, however, best known for his roles in movies of the Nouvelle Vague of French cinema. An oversimplification of those movies is that they were regular films stripped of the gloss and of the rules that are used almost as a standard in movies. 

The equivalent of the New Wave is cinema are bands like Sonic Youth, groups interested in messing with what it is to make rock n’ roll at every chance. One of the groups inspired by that direction is JoobieSeaz. The Norwegian duo operates in a realm where pop tunes are purposely assembled without some of their core elements as a means to witness the results and people’s reactions. Stroll About is a pop tune written with great care, then torn apart and reassembled at random. 

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