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Step into the future: Joshua Powell and The Anix songs reviews

Joshua Powell and The Anix songs reviews

The Anix – ANTILIFE (feat. Amir Derakh)

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock, Industrial

Each generation has its version of hard-rock. Strangely though, this genre based on hard-hitting guitar riffs and towering vocals is one of the ones met with the most resistance to change by fans. Simply put, hard-rockers want the principal form of the style to remain the ones with which they’ve grown accustomed. 

This is, frankly, ridiculous. Not only should we have expectations for music to move forward, evolve, and cater to the public’s modern needs. We should also recognize how strange, new, and divisive hard-rock and metal must have seemed when the groups that laid the foundation for this style first appeared on the scene. 

The Anix featuring Amir Derakh quote rock’s very recent past and try to approximate the future on ANTILIFE. Yes, there are traces of grunge and industrial metal. The lyrics and style of vocals recall the darkness that informed many of the biggest rock acts of the past decades. Still, there’s also a desire to figure out what future listeners will find appealing. This kind of ambition should only be praised and appreciated. 

Joshua Powell – Cannabis Rex

Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Wavves, Fang Island, Thee Oh Sees, Cloud Nothings, Pink Floyd

Is rock music escapism? Well, isn’t most of everything that we do? The real question is whether our attempts to depart reality for a while are done as a means to reframe the world so that we can better understand it, or, simply, avoid facing the cruelty and suffering involved in living. 

I must admit that I am not a big fan of the latter category. Songs about wizards and devils don’t quite do it for me. Your D&D sessions have enough music to choose from already! I am fascinated, however, about the art made by people that are using routinely step outside of their minds so that they understand more about the world when they finally get back. 

Joshua Powell sounds like that kind of artist. Certainly, his worldview is influenced by his love of stoner rock imagery. However, there’s a distinct attempt to solve life’s riddles with this. Besides all of this, Cannabis Rex, while covered in storms of electric guitar riffing and the kind of lyrics one might spread in a graffiti designed in a stoned haze, features gorgeous, unexpectedly tender. This is a new kind of stoner rock, one created by a true music collector. 

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