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Brain workout: Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band and Tripping Jupiter review

Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band and Tripping Jupiter review

Tripping Jupiter – The Rhythm Falls

Genre: Indietronica, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: David Bowie

There’s a rather famous interview where Lou Reed, then a member of The Velvet Underground, is being asked his opinion about various music artists of the day. He gives typical Lou Reed answers. He praises The Beatles. He calls The Kinks smart, but boring. He compliments John Cale and his other bandmates. 

Reed also is critical of Frank Zappa, of Alice Cooper, or of the San Francisco flower children. None of that is too surprising, of course.  

When questioned about David Bowie, he simply remarks that he thinks his friend has it all. If you’ve read any Lou Reed interviews, you’ll realize that he’s usually on point, and he’s rarely magnanimous. 

Bowie’s had an influence on the music world unlike almost anybody else. The most powerful influence has been in giving artists permission to step out into the wild with boldness and confidence. 

Tripping Jupiter’s The Rhythm Falls explores the unknown with the same maniacal glee, and scientific precision as their main inspiration, from whose band they also manage to convince the great bassist Gail Ann Dorsey to contribute to this track. 

The Rhythm Falls makes music that will be loved by those that remain sonically adventurous. 

Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band – Mon Chéri

Genre: Blues, Nu Jazz / Jazztronica, Jazz

Similar artists: Melody Gardot, Stacey Kent, Norah Jones

For decades, meaningful pop music spent its time trying to distance itself from the music that had come before it. Jazz and classical were the main culprits. They seemed to represent the establishment. As a consequence rock music in all its form pretended to wish to tear those foundations down. 

Enough time has passed for most of us to see that it’s the same fight that those styles are fighting. The most clever of artists have even managed to incorporate potent elements of jazz and classical into their own repertoire. 

On the surface, Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band’s Mon Chéri is a traditional, bluesy jazz song. But, there’s a real, even provocative melancholy to it. It’s a love song that could as well be a song of mourning. It’s inventive, and palatable, not merely an exercise in displaying musical virtuosity. Juliet Varnedoe shows how in 2022 jazz too can become alternative-pop music. 

Tripping Jupiter - The Rhythm Falls


Juliet Varnedoe Jazz Band - Mon Chéri




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