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Style punk: Kat Koan & The Lost Souls and Dion Lunadon reviews

Dion Lunadon – Living and Dying With You

Genre: Punk

Punk music is the obligatory espresso coffee throughout a day spent sipping water and soft drinks. It doesn’t estimate that it will do you a bunch of good. It’s not advertised in that way. However, what it proposes is much more important. Punk-rock gets you up and going. 

Naturally, the dirtiest, grimiest kind of punk-rock sounds still hold a tremendous allure for most musicians. Everyone who has ever picked up an electric guitar has dreamed about playing as fast and distorted as possible. Punk-rock is an excuse to do that with a bit of style. 

Dion Lunadon’s Living and Dying With You is punk music made while, one would assume, wearing shades and a leather jacket. This is slick punk that feels made for the streets and the nearby art exhibits. Dion Lunadon, the former A Place To Bury Strangers musician, is still locked in a love affair with art life’s dark, mysterious essentials. 

Kat Koan & The Lost Souls – Lost Souls

Genre: Grunge, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Bikini Kill, The Linda Lindas, Wet Leg

Rock music became the default soundtrack of revolutions by chance. It wasn’t that many rock musicians shared such beliefs. There were simply no other music genres with enough fans that seemed to suit the billing. 

This is the reason why for the past two decades, rock music has become the music of the disenchanted, the soundtrack for dissatisfaction. And, yes, there is plenty to talk about when it comes to this. Rock music has had to become the wicked-tongued philosopher because pop music was busy soundtracking your holidays and your daily trips to the supermarket. 

Kat Koan & The Lost Souls self-titled single, Lost Souls, is happy to play off to the label of damned, beyond-consolation beings here. Their anger and the quirks that they build into the material here are what the world expects from would-be revolutionaries. But, the group is daring the world to listen. This is German alt-rock that isn’t decrying how bad things have become. It’s daring to ask how we let it get this way. 

Dion Lunadon - Living and Dying With You


Kat Koan & The Lost Souls - Lost Souls




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