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Modern Dread: Keepers Brew x Benji Webbe and My Darling Weirdo reviewed

Keepers Brew x Benji Webbe and My Darling Weirdo reviewed

Keepers Brew x Benji Webbe (Skindred) – Olympus Has Fallen

Genre: Rap Metal, Post-Metal, Industrial

Similar artists: The Prodigy, Primus, Igorrr, Skindred, Nine Inch Nails, Wargasm

Much of the world is a terrifying, dangerous place. It’s something that people, especially those living in countries that are relatively well off, tend to put off thinking about. It will certainly not get in a good mood and it will rarely lead to any kind of suggestions for a solution. 

It’s understandable then, in a way, why the majority of people would like their music, and the rest of their entertainment to put them in a good them, make their minds feel at ease, and make them forget about the hardships and dangers of the world. 

For some though, music is a vehicle to confront those issues head-on. In order to best represent those problems, the music has to sound as chaotic and aggressive as the issues themselves. Keepers Brew and Benji Webbe’s Olympus Has Fallen is a soundtrack for the upheaval with which the United Kingdom and a lot of the rest of the world are dealing at the moment. 

My Darling Weirdo – Sirens

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic / Dark Wave

Us folks, we create problems. Usually, our main target is the world. It is through our actions that our planet is left in a near-perpetual state of peril from which we imagine that we can escape. 

However, when we are not busy creating trouble for the entire planet we focus on ourselves. In the words of Iggy Pop, humans are not much more than “cucumbers with anxiety“. People roleplay their fears for various reasons, often therapeutic ones. 

My Darling Weirdo is a post-punk, industrial-rock-infused group that sounds like a psychodrama centred around one’s greatest fears. The trick they pull of though is that once those fears are approached with honesty, one is free to move beyond them. Sirens, a tune inspired by the French Revolution as well as by man’s modern anxieties is a prime example of what the group is capable of. 

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