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Tight jeans boogie: Kevin Rieth and P.M.Tiger review

Kevin Rieth and P.M.Tiger review

P.M.Tiger – 8-Ball

Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Strokes, The Foo Fighters, The Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant

P.M.Tiger mine modern rock sounds for their single 8-Ball.

There’s never been a better time to be concerned with noise levels. And, it’s not just out of concern for your hearing. That is the truth, at least, if you consider the career choices of many modern rock bands. The ones hoping to make a mainstream dent with their music have been taught that risk-taking is simply not the way to forge a career. 

The result is a myriad of similar-sounding bands that avoid making too much noise either in terms of sound itself or with their lyrics. If modern rock seems a bit impersonal and cookie-cutter it’s because this is a marketing strategy employed by many. 

P.M.Tiger look to try and prove that the contrary approach can work on their single 8-Ball. Their sound is born out of modern stadium rock, from the few guitar bands that could still command such a presence. Their lyrics deal with personal issues. Through it all, P.M. Tiger looks to become a companion to their fans, not just another faceless entity on their Spotify playlists. 

Kevin Rieth – Hug The Line

Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

Kevin Rieth creates 70s late-night romance movie material on the single Hug The Line.

Musicians that can’t dance, are a bit like chefs that can’t smell. Sure, they can get by, especially once they accumulate experience. However, one can’t help but feel sorry for the way in which a lot of the pleasures reserved for the profession are denied to them. 

Judging by the sound of most modern rock bands, they can’t dance. Not only that, but they wear it like a badge of honour. Here are all these bands bombarding us with the loudest guitar riffs that their hands and technology can muster, and they can’t even do a shimmy. I call it the curse of Finnish drummers. 

It is not, fortunately, something with which Kevin Rieth needs to be preoccupied. Hug the line is an indie-rock single steeped in glorious, fuzzy sounds that a 1970s disco producer would feel no shame in using. Kevin Rieth knows when to dance, when to rock, but smartly doesn’t do either very often. 

P.M.Tiger - 8-Ball


Kevin Rieth - Hug The Line




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