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Learn to relax: Kid Dakota and Mother Sun reviewed

Kid Dakota and Mother Sun reviewed

Mother Sun – Five Leaves

Like it or not, modern music has always been marketed in connection with the activity that it’s most suited for. See, Motley Crue is rock party music. NOFX is music for skating. And, even Pink Floyd, genuine world-beaters, are known as that group that you can space out while listening to any of their albums. 

If I were to use a similar marketing approach, I suppose I’d like to address the people with high levels of anxiety, depression and inability to fall asleep. These sort of people spend, likely, thousands of dollars seeking out cures or some sort of relief. I can’t blame them, of course. Well, why not simply invest some time in Mother Sun. They certainly sound like the kind of folks who have figured out the secret to peace of mind. Not even a shipwreck is likely to disturb them. 

In their indie-folk, breezy number Five Leaves, they sound like pied pipers leading the people back to nature. They are not concerned with politics or any of the modern evils of the world. The song tells the story of a drunken fisherman getting loaded and staring at the moon. We should all be as relaxed and settled as that fisherman or as Mother Sun, indie-folk relaxation gurus. 

Kid Dakota – Futurecide

Being a singer-songwriter in the classic sense of the term has its advantages and, also, its drawbacks. Yes, you are hoping to appeal to an audience willing to delve deep into your recordings, study them, and find the meaning of each line. 

However, when it comes to the always-profitable world of three-minute singles, the singer-songwriters are at a disadvantage. This is, especially, true if their works centres around poetry meant to reveal the truth about the world. The best that they can hope for is that like patrons willing to support the arts, they will find a community eager to support them over the years. 

The honesty and the consistent quality of Kid Dakota has endeared him to such audiences over the years. Futurecide is a modern indie-folk number that prizes lyrics and occasional detours into sonic experimentation over hooks. It is. However, we sense the work of a man unwilling to compromise and determined to share his message. 

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