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KID-O and Fulvetta Reviewed

KID-O – Again

Similar artists: Nirvana, The Vines, Union Youth, Pabst

Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock

It’s hard to forget the very first time that you heard your favourite record. And, because it is hard to feel the exact same way over again, there are people who spend each day of their lives hoping for something to fill the hole. Those who thought Nirvana were the new Replacements and that The Vines were the New Nirvana will get a kick out of KID-O. 

One of the things that music producers and managers, for all their shared business acumen, cannot replicate is energy and excitement. If it was all this easy, great bands past their prime would be the first to copy-paste that feel into their music. The sad truth is that few bands are able to outdo the passion of their debut album unless they’re either spectacularly good or their debut happened to be lousy. 

KID-O’s “Again” is a love letter to all of the grunge fans complaining that The Vines never made a song as good as “Get Free” ever again or that Kurt Cobain failed to rise from the grave after three days. “Again” is wonderfully direct; it plays off of back-and-forth lead vocals, and it delivers a shouted, hummable melody that should get stuck in the heads of alt-rock fans the world over. 

Fulvetta – Disregard

Similar artists: Narrow Head, trauma ray, Downward, all under heaven, Slow Crush

Genre: Grunge, Shoegaze, Alternative Rock

What’s the color of your dreams? And what music is being played out there behind the clouds of your mind? Unless you’re a psychotic murderer or an accountant fighting to hold a desk job, it is unlikely that they’re spinning disposable pop music out there. Fulvetta try to find a mix between shoegaze and grunge and attempt to craft music to make your dreams dance to. 

By their very nature, dreams make you ask questions and provide few answers. They chase you on a wild a goose chase every so often and even have you question some of the most important aspects of your identity. The music that reflects this must naturally be one that leaves no stone unturned but finds no definite answer under any of them. 

Fulvetta’s “Disregard” is the meeting place between shoegaze and grunge, but also the point where dreams and nightmares collide. The music is built off the strength of heavily distorted guitars and moody vocals that hang in the background. It’s a sound meant to reel you in, not one designed to draw your attention and sneak away. 

KID-O - Again


Fulvetta - Disregard




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