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KingBlackAcid and the Rainbow Lodge and All The Queen’s Horses feed their cult statuses with brand new singles

KingBlackAcid and the Rainbow Lodge and All The Queen's Horses

KingBlackAcid and the Rainbow Lodge – Somebody

When it comes to guitar music, chance favours either the bold or the immensely socially awkward. Read the name of the band that we’re reviewing as well as the title of their latest single, and you will easily discern into which category this falls. 

It may be all in jest, but I hope not. KingBlackAcid and the Rainbow Lodge present themselves as would-be hipster cult members. Historically speaking, it all makes sense. The hippies were all about peace, love, and nurturing great hair health. Naturally, it didn’t take long for someone to realize that these scene-kids could be whipped into shape for a dangerous End of Days cult that believed Helter Skelter was their call to arms. 

Musically, KingBlackAcid leans on just this kind of territory. The music is soft, quiet but bubbles with unease. The vocalist sounds like Dave Grohl, and the lyrics capture the essence of modern hipsterdom, sarcasm. Frankly, even if the doings of this lot do not degenerate into something psychotic and of grand proportions, the tune remains very good. 

All The Queen’s Horses – Jocelyn

It’s amazing how many musical worlds that Conor Oberst managed to tie up the moment that, as a youngster, he strolled on into the music world. It must have been difficult to even fathom that such a character could exist out in the wild and not through the vision of an agent setting up a casting call. 

Oberst sounded like a lonely emo-rocker who made his music using tender guitars and pianos. His lyrics made him resemble a prodigious savant who may have only heard Dylan or Springsteen once, but for whom that was just good enough. Best of all, in the earliest days of constructing his music, he seemed oblivious as to the quality of his work or its importance on the world.

In many ways, this is what Irish musical project All The Queen’s Horses’ single Jocelyn resembles. It’s a heartbreaking, poetic, gentle number that recalls Bright Eyes’ early records. Best of all, it feels like the work of a musician that has spent much of his earlier days surrounded by books, engulfed by sadness, and who does not fully know yet just how important this music can be.

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