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Kit Major and BEACH BØNES Reviewed

Kit Major and BEACH BØNES Reviewed

Kit Major – Dirty Misfit

Similar artists: Amyl and The Sniffers, IDLES, Viagra Boys, Starcrawler, The Paranoyds

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Rock n’ roll keeps more hairstylists and costume designers employed than singers. Even worse, that minority of musicians that has to be kept around the music industry must constantly be reminded of their worth. Sounding like a modern-day Iggy Pop, Kit Major are having none of that. 

There’s always been something dirty, ugly, and twisted about rock music. Everyone knows it too. It is up to music producers and various svengalis to try and work it onto the records destined to sell by the truckloads. Even pop stars must approach this eventually. The majority of them, however, do it timidly. 

There’s nothing shy about Kit Major’s “Dirty Misfit,” a punk song in its energy and a tune of frustration. The lack of care of pristine production and sweet pop hooks is refreshing here. This is the sound of millions of people finding themselves at loose ends as they go about their days. It’s as real as Iggy declaring he’s been dirt, and he don’t care. 

BEACH BØNES – Self Esteem

Similar artists: Every Time I Die, FIDLAR, Bass Drum of Death, blink-182, SWMRS

Genre: Skate Punk, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

Modern punk and garage-rock may, actually, be the only types of music that are really worth your time if you are actively searching for new music to explore. Let’s face it! Pop, rock and everything in between aren’t promising much, nor forcing the doors of innovation by even pushing on them with a pinky finger. 

But it’s easy to fall in love with bands like BEACH BØNES. This is not music that needs to forcefully include new tones, rhythms or production. It’s punk, they say. And whether this is true, or not, it keeps the music pristinely deranged, unhinged and fun. People don’t need a degree to produce it. They just need a song in their heart and a few beers in their belly. 

BEACH BØNES’ “Self Esteem” sounds like the work of young musicians who have cleverly opted to combine their rehearsals with their social boozing sessions. It also sounds like the work of people that are mad for it, and simply madly bored to live through something important. Punk-rock, when done right, can create something important out of little more than a few power chords and a rusty set of drums. That’s what’s happening here, and it makes me not have believe in modern pop music. Do you really need it when you have this? 

Kit Major - Dirty Misfit


BEACH BØNES - Self Esteem




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