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Klinger and Nic Andrea & The Verdict Reviewed

Klinger and Nic Andrea & The Verdict Reviewed

Klinger – 4000 Weeks

Similar artists: Weezer

Genre: Indie Rock

Takes a whole lot of strength to keep flashing a smile throughout one’s busy days. But this is exactly what we expect from some of our favourite artists. Of the rock variety, no bands have weightier expectations of delivering a ray of musical sunshine than power-pop groups. Klinger are here to show that they are capable of putting a positive spin on even the most anxiety-inducing aspects of modern living. And, boy, do they have a few hooks up their sleeve, too. 

For anyone taking music-making or simply living, for that matter, seriously, the weight of expectation is colossal. Nothing comes easy, at least not for people blessed without superpowers. Every piece of knowledge requires putting in the work to acquire it, test it, and use it. Every decision involves time. And, by the time you’ve made your way back to try again, your time might be up. Are you hyperventilating already? 

Klinger’s “4000 Weeks” is a clever one. It’s a pop tune about the time constraints that will impact most of our lives. There aren’t many of those out there, although these are pressures that we all feel. But forget about that for a second. The lo-fi, hard-rocking reggae of the song makes this an excellent single. It’s the kind of tune that, like a great Weezer tune, the compass that Klinger like to use here, it begs to be played over and over, and each time seems to make things just a little bit better. 

Nic Andrea & The Verdict – Jimi Come Home

Similar artists: Foreigner, Styx, Kansas

Genre: Classic Rock, 80s Rock, Alternative Rock

One of the best ways to measure a band’s importance, perhaps even one of the only ways, is to look squarely at all of the groups and artists who have taken inspiration from their sound. Contrary to popular belief, trendy but ultimately forgettable pop music does not get copied for too long. Most musical trends do not last, and they have few people willing to risk their reputations to summon them back. 

The 1980s radio-rock bands from the U.S. are among some of the disliked groups. Where does this hatred originate? From music critics’ pens, of course. What did they use to call these bands? The term “corporate rock” was used most often and always in a pejorative way. But can you hear those groups today? Absolutely! In fact, most modern rock groups aim to take a page out of the book on guitar-driven, radio-oriented pop-rock that bands such as Boston, Styx or Foreigner collectively authored. 

Nic Andrea & The Verdict’s “Jimi Come Home” is a pop-rock number in the style of 80s radio-friendly groups. But it is also a song that excellently mixes weight with lightness. It’s a guitar epic meant to be played in stadium arenas or to commuters driving home from work. It echoes a time when musicianship of the highest order could create pop stars. And, if you’re honest with yourself, you may recognize that this is a time that is missed. Nic Andrea & The Verdict take us back to that era, and it’s one worth remembering. 

Klinger - 4000 Weeks


Nic Andrea & The Verdict - Jimi Come Home




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