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Krist Novoselic discusses Nirvana’s influence on pop culture

Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic, bassist for the alternative-rock band, Nirvana recently discussed the band’s long-lasting influence on pop culture and his regrets regarding singer Kurt Cobain.

The musician made the statements during an interview with the influential website/magazine Spin. The magazine was a champion of the grunge band early on in their career. Novoselic reminisces about the group’s early days and says that, overall, the band members enjoyed their ride. Despite this, he also says that fame took its toll. There were many times, he says, when the group could hardly relate to their newfound success.

The bass-player also talked about Kurt Cobain’s humble beginnings and his earnest desire to make good music. He marvels at the success of Nevermind which transformed Nirvana into a world famous group.

Novoselic also says tht fans of the group will be disappointed to learn that there are few, if any, leftover demmos made by the band. The bassist clarifies that most of the jam sessions between himself and Dave Grohl already ended up being used for songs on the Foo Fighters’ early albums.

The musician says that his only regret is the untimely passing of Kurt Cobain at 27 years old in 1994.

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