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The Rest is the Truth: Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill band & Gatsby Reviewed 

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill band & Gatsby Reviewed 

Gatsby – Silence You

Similar artists: The Smashing Pumpkins, Bush

Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

If grunge did anything well, it was to understand rock dynamics and to give people what they wanted. You do that, and, sure, you can act as artsy or self-destructive as you want. Gatsby’s “Silence You” is built from the same garage-rock cloth that also powered the wave of 90s rock bands. 

Meanwhile, people look to innovate. It’s only natural. But it is an art form that includes only 12 notes, and not all are used at all times, the formulas have largely been the ones that have found the truth. The question is, what will you bring to them in order to make your personality shine through? 

Danish group Gatsby opt to channel their melancholy through a streamlined, straightforward rock sound. The hooky chorus is meant to grab your attention, and the running length of two minutes invites you to stick around for all of what the band has to say. This is a familiar-sounding grunge song; make no mistake about it. But playing within these limits allows the band to show off who they are and what they do best. 

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill band – A Little Lower

Similar artists: Chris Cornell, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws

Genre: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, Alt Pop

What’s a friend, if not someone, that will listen to your problems no matter how big or little the issues you might be having? If that’s all it takes, then I’m pretty confident we can refer to our favorite records as our best friends. 

You see, people are naturally wired to run into trouble. It’s also predictable that all of these troubles will weigh on them and will cause them to question the very essence of their existence. These things are predictable. 

When things fall down, we need a voice to reassure us. Rock music, fortunately for all of us, has plenty of these voices. Kristian Montgomery’s singing could well do the trick in your time of need, as the likes of Chris Cornell or Paul Rodgers have done for many others throughout their lives. 

“A Little Lower” is a song of breakups and blue-veiled hearts. Powered by a familiar, warm blues-rock tone and Montgomery’s powerful vocals, this becomes something that echoes universal truths, the friend in need we all need. 

Gatsby - Silence You


Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill band - A Little Lower




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