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Chiseled mantra: Ksenia Parkhatskaya and Tara Nome Doyle reviewed

Ksenia Parkhatskaya and Tara Nome Doyle reviewed

Tara Nome Doyle – Snail I

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Indie Folk, Folk

Tara Nome Doyle writes otherworldly songs, meditations on life that offer listeners a brief respite from the real world and their responsibilities. 

There’s no need in pretending that we, as music listeners, are uninterested parties that are simply devoting their time out of an altruistic need to support the works of others. Every single one of us, unless one nurtures a strange masochistic need, listens to music that scratches an itch. 

This is, perhaps, the reason why one’s musical preferences tend to change over time. It’s also, maybe, the reason why many people give up on finding music after departing their teenage years. The music they must now hear needs to put them in a place of tranquillity like a softly spoken mantra. 

It’s the kind of Tara Nome Doyle’s work occupies. Snail I is a breathy poem recitation set to mellow, sophisticated-sounding piano arpeggios. Tara Nome Doyle’s music can appeal to many different audiences, but will certainly appeal to one. That audience comprises people that love gentleness, search for beauty in ordinary things, and require tunes to make their lives turn slower for a while. 

Ksenia Parkhatskaya – Fear

Genre: Folk, Slowcore, Alternative Rock

Bondcore does not yet exist as a music genre, as far as I know. But, if it were to become a thing Shirley Bassey and Ksenia Parkhatskaya would lead the pack. 

Finding the right formula ain’t easy, especially when each one of your experiments involves risking millions of dollars. That’s the reason why most big productions, plays, music albums, films, take the safe route, the one that involves the fewest amount of risks. 

Old action movies, like the ones that started the James Bond franchise, took only a few calculated risks. They wagered that audiences would fall in love with a killer. To do this, the character’s clothes, company, and, particularly, the music playing in the background needed to make him charming and mysterious. 

Russian singer Ksenia Parkhatskaya makes the kind of music that makes murder sound sexy. Fear is a would-be soundtrack to a thriller. A really expensively produced thriller. The soulful vocals rise as if wanting to cover an orchestra playing. Ksenia Parkhatskaya makes music for those looking for a drama that contains soulfulness. 

Tara Nome Doyle - Snail I


Ksenia Parkhatskaya - Fear




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