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Darker by the day: Laurel Canyon and Korfian review

Laurel Canyon and Korfian review

Laurel Canyon – Shove

Genre: Indie Rock, Grunge

Laurel Canyon are ready to use every dirty trick in the book on the alternative rock for their single Shove.

Making rock music a bit like guerilla warfare. There’s nothing off the table in looking to gain an advantage. The odds are always stacked against you, and creating confusion can often be the most effective weapon. And, if a tribunal is set to try and punish you for your sins, you’re unlikely to recognize their authority. 

Rockers, usually, believe that there’s no authority, but their own. They make their own mistakes and trust that they’ll be able to fix them later with the Big Boss. That’s why rockers lose and earn friends at a phenomenal pace. 

Lauren Canyon, the deceptively mellow titled grunge-influenced group, is aware of all those things. Still, they attack their targets on the single Shove armed with a Seattle by night series of riffs and every dirty trick in the book. It’s a convincing effort that is reminiscent of the power and, occasional, juvenility of groups like Nirvana. There are only winners and losers in this business. Laurel Canyon know well which one they want to be. 

Korfian – Nuclear Option

Genre: Electro Pop, Gothic / Dark Wave, Emo

Similar artists: Depeche Mode, Zola Jesus, Woodkid

Great and terrible things happen at the same time. Because of that, they can’t help but influence each other. There’s dance music in the era of war and unspeakable tragedy. There’s music that reflects the unmistakable darkness of the human character even in the days of wine and roses. 

Both serve a purpose. Protest songs, for example, are needed not only in the places where human rights are trampled daily. They’re just as required in the lands where such things seem to be a monstrosity. It’s the people with the means to change the world that often do. 

Korfian’s Nuclear Option is a dark, electro-dance protest song. It’s a tune about oppressiveness. It’s delivered with the same bravado and forward-thinking ideas of groups like Depeche Mode. Here, Korfian creates pop music about topics that ought to matter to everyone that hears it. 

Laurel Canyon - Shove


Korfian - Nuclear Option




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