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Best regards: Lazy Queen and Meija reviewed

Lazy Queen and Meija reviewed

Meija – Pull Me To Pieces

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

If modern music has been able to do anything of significance, it is to shine a light on people’s regular joys and pains and make them appear sublime. One of the worst feelings for a regular person is to feel as if whatever they are doing does not matter. By contrast, one of a person’s most incredible moments is when they feel that their story has some weight behind it. 

Yes, pop music provides the soundtrack to our lives and can trick us into thinking that what we are doing is essential, regardless of whether it is right. A bad choice feels different when accompanied by the right groove, and a good guitar solo can almost make sense of a terrible mishap. 

Meija’s Pull me to pieces is a tune that does great work in creating the background for a drama of almost heroic proportions out of ordinary failures. It’s a tune designed to play alongside your bad decisions, like the music chosen for the final scenes of a large-scale Hollywood movie. Indeed, it’s rock music for people who feel as if they’re stars of their own film production. 

Lazy Queen – 243, New Moon

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Nobody ever leaves a movie theatre or a concert hall nowadays without having an opinion about what they have just witnessed. It doesn’t even matter if this is the very first experience of this kind for some of the people in attendance. They will be quick to tell everyone willing to listen about how good or terrible the show was. 

Modern audiences aren’t just confident of their good taste, they’re pretty slick too. The fact is that it’s challenging to find folks who aren’t well-versed in pop culture. Most concert-goers have heard a lot of music. The majority of folks that visit the movie theatre have seen plenty of flicks. This is why they’re convinced that their opinions must be correct. 

Lazy Queen’s 243, New Moon is the sort of music that alt-rock fans will appreciate precisely because they’ll be able to compare it to all of the other artists that have tried their hands at this genre. The strong dynamism, the pleasant melodies, and the quirkiness of the track make it easy to enjoy and consider for inclusion on modern playlists focused on this style. 

Meija - Pull Me To Pieces


Lazy Queen - 243, New Moon




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