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Lie, They Said: Little Fang and King Liar Reviewed

Little Fang and King Liar Reviewed

King Liar – Escapism

Similar artists: Porcupine Tree, Foals, Muse, Radiohead

Genre: Alternative Rock

King Liar cleverly disguise their philosophical prog creation in layers of gentle soft-rock and R&B-styled vocals. 

There was a time when a good progressive rock band could sell out Madison Square Garden. Oh, those were the days! Of course, those times were swiftly followed by prog-rock musicians not even being allowed to loiter around MSG and being reduced to playing Top 40 hits in front of drunken club audiences. 

The fortunes of highly skilled, ambitious musicians can change very swiftly. Part of this is owed to the fact that audiences never know what to make of musicians who can actually play. Are they allowed to have fun with this kind of music? Will there be a test afterwards, and what if they clap on the wrong beat? 

King Liar have found a way to balance their ambitiousness as well as their thirst for success with the single “Escapism.” Featuring an endless stream of guitar arpeggios and the kind of vocals that could’ve belonged to a modern R&B number, King Liar have plenty to say about the world. Maybe too much. That’s why the pretty sounds go first, and the Eastern Meditation class goes after. 

Little Fang – Resolving Sound

Similar artists: Supergrass, Mogwai, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Radiohead

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Nobody makes music to avoid being well-known. But Little Fang are clever enough to erase the details that might give away too much of their plan/ 

Modern rockstars always find themselves having to choose between revealing their personality and risking antagonising audiences with too many details about themselves. Audiences always want to feel as if they are part of something special. It works the same as the honeymoon period of joining a cult. 

The only problem is that most people who play in a band aren’t that interesting. That’s why they always go on and on about what kind of volume pedal they use or why they chose a black guitar over a red one. Essentially, these are children looking for a way not to grow up. 

Little Fang have a lot to say about themselves on “Resolving Sound” but decide not to. This should teach us! The effect it certainly produces is dramatic. “Resolving Sound” is really a gigantic suicide fantasy. The sparse vocals are powerful and dramatic, like London rain on what should be a perfectly sunny Summer day. In ignoring their artistic urges, Little Fang arrive at something special. 

King Liar - Escapism


Little Fang - Resolving Sound




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