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World Hypno: Lonely Uncles and Sandia review

Lonely Uncles and Sandia review

Sandia – Sabres

Genre: World Music (Middle Eastern & North African), Alternative Rock

Alt77 often talks about punk-rock. With that in mind, we have to be forgiven for failing to mention enough just how good many modern musicians are. The activity of a great virtuoso used to be information that travelled by word of mouth. People would drive for hours to catch somebody that could play guitar solos with their teeth and piano solos with their feet. 

Knowledge of all types is much more readily available, and, technically, means of promoting art to a wider audience has also become available. This means that there is no excuse, as an artist, not to learn the skills that will help your work. It also makes us in the audience required to be more responsible. There is simply no reason why you should not be familiar with folk music from every corner of the world. 

Like many of us, Sandia’s Sabres is deeply preoccupied with Middle-Eastern and North African music. Unlike most of us, who have only sincere appreciation, but a brief knowledge of this kind of music, the members of Sandia have taken the time to get intimately acquainted with this art. Sabres mixes its time finding the right balance between smooth sax and piano-driven jazz and the use of the Oud, and traditional African percussion. It may take a while to warm your senses to this kind of music. But, there’s nothing that better fits the “alternative” moniker than this. And, besides, it is the cheapest and most engaging way to embrace other cultures. 

Lonely Uncles – 20 Million People

Genre: Folk rock, Psychedelic Rock

All ambitious musicians dream of creating songs that reflect all aspects of their character. For many, it’s an obsession. Routinely when attending the concert of a performer that has been active for many years, they will tell you about all their transformations. They’ll announce their love for Bowie and the true chameleons of pop. This will also justify their setlists, sprinkling hits from different times of their career. Often, especially, if the artist is old enough, these songs will have nothing in common with each other. 

Ever since The Beatles showed the world that a successful band could divorce its sound from any particular style, other envious musicians have tried doing the same. It’s only natural that artists will want to reach lofty goals. It also is natural that they will hope that all facets of their lives can lend themselves to great work. Still, while tempting, few want to hear what Metallica has to say about polka music or Coldplay about speed metal. Some things are best left as they are. 

Once in a while, the true seekers find their inspiration, and all the musical pieces land in place. Lonely Uncles’s 20 Million People is a cut-and-paste type of song that leads through psychedelic rock, North African rhythms, and the blues. The music also leads to the contorted alleyways of the artists’ psyche.  It’s a celebration of the spiritual search. And, like any spiritual discourse, there are a few hypnotist tricks thrown for good measure. Lonely Uncles are styleless, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in every genre there is, and are confident in trying their hands at them. 

Sandia - Sabres


Lonely Uncles - 20 Million People




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