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Tell a lie, draw a crowd: Lord Baltimore and The Outcrowd reviewed by Alt77

Lord Baltimore and The Outcrowd reviewed by Alt77

The Outcrowd – Electric Touch

Genre: Americana, 90s Rock

Similar Artists: Gaslight Anthem, Jason Isbell, Sheer Mag, Oasis, Bully, The Bright Light Social Hour

People love going to giant rock concerts where the music is piercing enough that it could drill a hole through your skull. Kids dream of being part of the groups that are going to play these outdoor, oversized venues. 

Then, why is then that people cry out for the time when they could watch Oasis, Guns n’ Roses, or even Led Zeppelin do this? The fact of the matter is that while everyone wants a hero, or wants to wear the cape, this is not something that is not a possibility for everyone. 

It takes mastery of a certain kind of language to even attempt to call so many disciples to a rock event. The Outcrowd show that they have found a way of interpreting this speech on their single Electric Touch. It’s a crowd-pleaser song for the working-class, but it has eeriness in just as big a supply as its ear-worm hooks. These boys check the boxes and we’re anxious to see where they go next. 

Lord Baltimore – Something Like Thirst

Genre: Indie Rock

Similar artists: Cold Cave, Perfume Genius, Twin Shadow, MGMT

Lying is considered the kind of offense for which you won’t be invited in the pleasant company ever again. Lying is also considered a sin, and objectively one can see why both religion and society would frown on it. 

Yet, deceiving, usually referred to under different terms, is the glue that keeps so many industries afloat. Most preachers make promises they can’t back up, and, still, they are beloved. Most products look to resolve issues that can’t be fixed, yet they are bought. And, the rockstars pretend to be someone that they are not, and people flock to them. 

Lord Baltimore self-describes as a professional liar, and I think this is a step in the right direction. Liars are charming, and entertaining when motivated by a big enough factor. On Something Like Thirst, the Lord is motivated by the desire to score an indie dance-rock hit, and, we think, the song checks out. Carry on in this way, Lord, and you might actually become a lord, a hit-maker, or in jail. Either way, it will be fun to watch. 

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