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Loveproof – Winter’s Children

Loveproof - Winter's Children

Loveproof cleverly play with audiences’ expectations on the EP “Winter’s Children,” a dark, dramatic record with ambitions of being played in front of thousands of people. 

The fact is that while most bands dream of one day playing in front of an arena of people, the road to the stadium gigs is not the same for everyone. There are, of course, the majority of bands that will load their setlist with trendy sounds and tunes about love and cars. But, from Depeche Mode to a-Ha, to more recently, hurts, stylized sonic comedowns can attract the attention of hordes of people just as well. 

The trick is playing with the sort of tension that most audiences feel in their bones every day anyway. Take “Winter’s Children” opening song as an example. “A Song is Not Enough” is a concentrated effort to make a hush develop into a quaking sound. 

It’s a cleverly crafted sound too, mixing classic electronica and dub elements with the kind of love for moody textures and enigmatic lyrics that would not feel out of places ringing out of the most cavernous goth club. 

It’s a pattern to which Loveproof gladly adhere. “Spires” features similarly closed-up sounds that place singer Ciaran Megahey’s breathy baritone centre stage. 

Still, the band keep to their promise. There might be a deathly pale colour to the songs, but boring they are not. “Even the Stars” is a darkly romantic tune filled with the kind of melodies that can easily be learned, even whistled, upon first listen. 

Loveproof’s greatest strength is knowing exactly how they want to present themselves. The EP’s closer “Young Lords,” with its almost reggae groove and animosity-filled lyrics, gives a good snapshot of what the band is trying to achieve. It’s an eclectic sound that always pulls toward the sombre aspects of life, where the delivery is always stylish and clearly defined. 

The road toward the stadium gigs is not the same for everyone. Loveproof’s “Winter’s Children” may be built off hushed tones, but they’re the kind that can easily fill a large vacuum of space and that can easily be understood by the people crowding into it. 

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