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Lucky Shot and O’Doyle Rules Reviewed

Lucky Shot and O'Doyle Rules Reviewed

Lucky Shot – HAHA

They ask for your PhD certificate and your work experience in an office whenever you are applying for any job with a high-ranking company. They ought to ask for the exact same things the first time that you try to book your band to play a rock show. And, if you have those things, they ought to turn you down and send you back to your office job. 

There are plenty of smart, responsible people in rock music nowadays. They balance costs and expenses, make sure that the band arrives on time, and get on Zoom calls with potential business partners. They run their band like a corporation. And, while these people are always good for a chat, they are conspiring to make rock music not a lot of fun. 

Where’s our stupid, confrontational, energy-filled rock gone? Lucky Shot is helping keep it alive, not that he knows exactly what he’s doing. “HAHA” is as silly and catchy as it goes and proves ample reason why this singer should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. The song sounds like a cheerleader chant written by a menacing five-year-old pissed off with the world. That’s the spirit, and that’s what I want from my rockstars!

O’Doyle Rules – I Don’t Give A Fuck About You

Most rock n’ roll biographies are modern tragicomedies. The stories are, for the most part, the same. The ghostwriters who work on the damn things just gotta remember to change the names in order to avoid embarrassment. 

You know the drill. The kid with a guitar dreams big. They earn or, most often, fall upon tremendous success. They go through some hilarious misadventures that reveal, amongst other things, that sitting in school for a couple more years wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. And they then spoil everything, lose it all, and, if lucky, get to play comeback tours for the rest of their lives to senior audiences.  

At the end, sure, they have to tell the readers that they feel lucky and grateful for every opportunity that they get. That’s the worst part! It’s rare to hear one of those people be honest about how much they hate how things turned out. 

Well, O’Doyle Rules hate a lot about how things turned out. But they have a sense of humor about it all and no wisdom that they wish to pass on. “I Don’t Give A Fuck About You” starts out as a combative punk song and, without adding many other layers or, indeed, guitar chords, ends up sounding like a tune of regret. It’s refreshing and nearly as good as the brilliant Daniel Johnston parody artwork. 

Lucky Shot - HAHA


O'Doyle Rules - I Don't Give A Fuck About You




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