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A whimper and a punch: Ludovico Technique and The Psychopets release new singles

The Psychopets – She’s So bizarre

Grunge, strange as it may sound now, was the pop music sound from 1991 to 1994. Sure, there were some who believed that the aggressive dynamics of groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were too much for mainstream consumption. However, for the most part, regular audiences embraced these groups as a would-be form of classic rock. To them, Eddie Vedder was an angrier Paul Rodgers. One could have only been excited about where it could all go next. 

Post-grunge ruined it for everyone. Sure, they kept the same dynamics, much of the same aesthetic and, even embraced a more polished poppy sound. While these host of groups had numerous hit singles, they also ran the formula into the ground. It made few eager to map out any new trajectories. 

Yet, in the dreams of the pop-assault group The Psychopets, grunge is a thing that can be carried bravely into the world of modern pop. She’s So bizarre is a single that could have been sung in any language. It’s shiny, powerful, and planned to hit hard and leave a mark. It’s grunge-pop, and it’s about time this was a thing. 

Ludovico Technique – Poisoned

Can theatre really exist without an audience? Sure, you can choose your wardrobe and recite monologues around your apartment all year long, but without someone paying to watch you, it becomes more of a fetish than an actual performance. 

If your business is running an ice-cream stand, everything you need in order to keep your finances afloat is for the folks around the neighbourhood to buy your frozen treats. Running a successful small business doesn’t require any sort of grandiose marketing deals or eye-catching commercials. Just a bit of word of mouth might do the trick. 

This is very true for alternative music. Here, niche interest is what artists rely on. Musicians need to develop an act and stay committed to it. It doesn’t have to lead to stadiums getting sold out, just for enough fans to keep wanting to come back for more year after year. 

Just like The Specimen were never photographed without their makeup, getting ready to take the stage at the Batcave, so too Ludovico Technique have never shifted their fashion towards denim and comfortable shoes, nor have they strayed away from their militaristic dance music. Their latest single Poisoned should please long-time devotees who’ve been forced to do their posing behind closed doors for the past year, a fate too cruel for even the most hardened goths. 

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