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Fully automated: LUMER and Pharmacist

LUMER and Pharmacist

Pharmacist – Detached, Despicable and Proud

Genre: Post-Punk, Emo

Tom Petty once proclaimed that since most rock stars are plagued and powered in their quest by disappointment related to one of their parents, being at odds with both could turn someone into an artistic genius. Sadly, this was the case, one gathers, for Petty. And, well, the proof is in the great body of work. 

Now, will showing a great tragedy automatically point toward a masterpiece? No. But, frankly, to write anything, one first needs something to talk about. Stories about picking up the groceries don’t usually entertain, so there are few songs written about the topic. Sad news tends to make for interesting stories. 

If one doesn’t have sadness and wishes to write, one might want to dig deeper. This is what Pharmacist sound like they have done on their Detached, Despicable and Proud, a song that recalls the poetic lows of British post-punk. It’s the sort of tune that makes one think of smog, bad food, and chimney sweepers. These are not things that Sweden is known for, of course. However, it’s the ideal Oliver Twist-like scenery for these kinds of sounds. 

LUMER – English Dream

Similar artists: Shame, The Murder Capital

Genre: Post-Punk

Punk music began in the good ol’ U.S.A. in a country and blues bar. But everyone tends to remember the English punk bands. Any 30-second news clip from the era will show The Sex Pistols, The Clash, etc. 

You see, it’s much more believable that people from England would be as angry as the music suggests. English and American cities may resemble each other. It’s the Brits, however, that have the truly seething, all-encompassing rage. Something with the weather and the class system, I guess. 

Consequently, punk’s more experimental offshoots were dominated, also by English bands. In post-punk, the driving bass, the sinister feel of the music, and the hopeless imagery all help to give Limey bands an edge. 

LUMER’s English Dream is both a testimony and prophecy, the sound of glory eternal falling apart. This song works almost like a makeshift soundtrack to a guided tour through a city where few would wonder unless they were locals. It’s the sound of constant strain. 

LUMER’s English Dream is both a testimony and prophecy, the sound of glory eternal falling apart.

Pharmacist - Detached, Despicable and Proud


LUMER - English Dream




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