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Magic Machine and Trevor’s Lightning Project Reviewed

Magic Machine and Trevor's Lightning Project Reviewed

Magic Machine – Sweet Creature

Similar artists: Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips, Jay Reatard, The King Khan & BBQ Show

Genre: Post-Punk, Surf Rock, Psychedelic Rock

It’s hard to fool the people who know you about when you’re happy or sad. It’s hard to disguise who you really are in front of people who’ve seen who that is. Garage rock, possibly the finest modern musical genre, works in much the same way. There’s no way to fool an audience about the excitement musicians feel or miss for playing this kind of music. 

Magic Machine’s music is built on pure, sweaty excitement, on the promise of great things that lie in wait at the end of a long night. This, in fact, may just be the reason why this genre continues to remain a relatively niche interest and why there aren’t as many groups as you might expect trying to get their kicks in this way. It’s simply not a race that everyone can run. 

Magic Machine’s “Sweet Creature” is a really simple proposition. It’s an invitation from someone without a driver’s license to drive as fast as possible down a one-way road. It all works brilliantly as long as the road is straight and free from traffic. But, when inevitably, things will go South, there’ll still be someone to praise the daring trick. Garage music ain’t meant to make you think. Actually, it’s meant to make you forget about thinking and space out in your mind on the strength of pure rock power. 

Trevor’s Lightning Project – Abaddon

Similar artists: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Post Animal, Tame Impala, The Black Angels

Genre: Psychedelic Roc, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

The world is not what it seems. At least, that is what we hope. Otherwise, the world would be a pretty boring or bleak place, and fighting for something better would just feel like a waste of time.

It’s no wonder that stories about Cinderellas have always been so popular. It’s no wonder that wild conspiracy theories are so popular nowadays in much the same way. All of us secretly want to believe that we are part of something greater that just hasn’t been broadcast across all channels just yet. 

Trevor’s Lightning Project makes the kind of music destined to be heard by these sorts of dreams. It suggests a mystery that might not ever be fully discovered. Still, just like any great amateur detective, the purpose is not to find the answer but to find part of it. 

Trevor’s Lightning Project’s “Abaddon” is not music that ought to be listened to at just any occasion. It takes a special set of circumstances, like a tremendous storm or New Year’s fireworks. If those are hard to come by, just rest on your bed, close your eyes and make-believe. This is what the musicians would prefer you do anyway. 

Magic Machine - Sweet Creature


Trevor's Lightning Project - Abaddon




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