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Yours Truly: Make Friends and Brodie Milner Reviewed

Make Friends and Brodie Milner Reviewed

Brodie Milner – ididntevenwanttocometoyourparty

Similar artists: Bob Dylan, Jack White, Do Nothing, The Howl & The Hum

Genre: Indie Rock

Always be wary of a person who likes to talk too much about themselves… unless you’re a bass player or a drummer. If that’s the case, what you must do is buy that person a drink, tell them how great they are and get them to promise they’ll never leave you. 

Whether we like it or not, the world is built by people with an ego, or at least the parts that have a price tag on them. The segment reserved for music and poetry isn’t very different. It’s very rare for a person who doesn’t want to win the lottery to earn a winning ticket. It’s almost unthinkable for a person who doesn’t really want to become a star to become one. 

Brodie Milner’s “ididntevenwanttocometoyourparty” is an extremely ambitious modern poetry jam delivered in a mirror. Yes, Milner has plenty to say and an understanding of great rock poets to make what he says interesting. Most of it is about himself, and you get a sense that looking into the mirror isn’t unenjoyable for the singer-songwriter. It takes folks like that, however, to write good songs, and we’re generally happy to give them the attention that they crave. 

Make Friends – Falter

Similar artists: Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Everything, Foals, alt-J

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Dream Pop

Now that computer algorithms have taken over our lives, many of us spend our days trying to crack codes, looking to give ourselves a leg up over the competition. While this seems like a bizarre modern concern, it’s not wholly unique. Pop music, for example, has always included a fair share of these strategies. 

When you think of a famous pop star, you likely imagine a larger-than-life character blessed with a great singing voice and tremendous good looks. However, since most pop music has always used formulas in order to create hit songs, there have always been people willing to spend their days trying to create an alternative alchemy, one that turns ordinary sounds into pop success. 

Make Friends’ “Falter” is a good example of a clever, modern pop tune. The song is dominated by sweet vocal hooks and danceable grooves. But neither in its sound nor in its presentation does it announce itself as a possible Top 40 hit. Ultimately, this is its aim; however, with the way it quotes from the Book of Pop, who is to say that it won’t be? 

Brodie Milner - ididntevenwanttocometoyourparty


Make Friends - Falter




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