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Will a reunited the Mars Volta thrive and offer the excitement they once did?

Should you expect your heroes to remain the same? Of course not. Everything changes. but, then again, you should not automatically expect that everything, music included, become weaker with the passing of years.

We greeted with great excitement the news that the Mars Volta may be reuniting in the upcoming future. Truly, our hopes hinge on tiny hopes. Yesterday, singer Omar Rodríguez-López seemed to confirm the rumor through a tweet. Not the most reliable of sources, sure. But, the singer did answer a fan’s request for a reunion with the message “It’s happening”.

The tweet has since been deleted. But it got us thinking. Sure, a reunion of the Mars Volta sounds incredible in theory. Certainly they were one of the most gifted, adventurous, wildly eclectic alternative bands of the new century. They recorded six studio albums, dense enough to still permit exploration. With all this in mind, can a reunion live up to our own expectations?

The At The Drive-In reunion was a mixed bag

Mars Volta guitarist Rodríguez-López and singer Bixler-Zavala were once members of the legendary post-hardcore group, At the Drive-In. The group called it a day at the height of their powers. Subsequently, the group formed the Mars Volta, a band welcomed with tremendous excitement.

The myth of At the Drive-In grew with each passing year. With some bridges mended in time the group decided to reform 2009. They returned for a series of tours. They even delivered a follow up album to the epochal Relationship of command. And, while everyone was glad to have them back, most agreed that the hectic energy and inventiveness that characterized the group was somewhat missing.

At the Drive-in Lollapalooza reunion

Rodríguez-López and Bixler-Zavala worked together once more in a band capacity following the dissolution of the Mars Volta. The result was Antemasque, a supergroup of sorts that included collaborations from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea and Blink 182’s Travis Barker. One album has been released and it was greeted with interested. It was described as a mix of punk and prog. Most importantly it did not sound like either the Mars Volta or At The Drive-In, not a small feat.

We would be happy if the Mars Volta did reform, even more so if they were to release new music. Let us not set ourselves up for disappointment. However, let us remember that our heroes are also human and let us welcome them accordingly should the results not meet with our lofty expectations.

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