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To comfort you: Maudlin Dog and Sicada

Maudlin Dog and Sicada

Sicada – cuts in my mouth

Similar artists: Catalyst…, CATALYSTPVD, widowdusk, Knumears, Vs Self

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Emo

Contrary to popular belief, there will be plenty of things and a lot of people that will accompany you in your worst times. The majority of these, however, will just lead you all the way to the bottom. The majority of these will not be the kind that you will be proud to recall. 

Music, especially the popular varieties of rock, however, will almost always do more good than bad. This is because they are designed not to enhance a dramatic moment but, in acting it out fully, to provide some kind of relief. It’s really amazing that anything would have this kind of power and cost this little. 

Sicada’s “cuts in my mouth” is a soundtrack for your worst possible day. But it is not a sadistic tune, relishing in someone else’s misery. No, the energy, the screaming, the loud instrumentation are all designed in order to provide clarity and some comfort. 

Maudlin Dog – Ode

Similar artists: Fontaines D.C., The Pogues, Bob Dylan, The Libertines, Glasvegas

Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Folk rock

Punk-rockers or heavy-metal fans are true romantics. There’s a bittersweet melancholy in the art of the pogo. There’s a desire to escape to a better place in headbanging. And there’s hope in all the overbearing loudness escaping from the speakers. 

Most of these desires, however, remain unfulfilled. The world has the rockers running around, wild, chasing after their dreams until they wear themselves out. Worst of all, few of the artists that they admire so much have a helpful thing to say in their songs. 

Maudlin Dog’s “Ode” is a message of consolation for all those chasing their dreams out in the city’s dirty streets. “Ode” rings with the energy of punk and a guitar resonance not online that of Johnny Marr of The Smiths. Its music is meant to offer a brief escape so that, someday, its listeners may slip away from their problems fully. 

Sicada - cuts in my mouth


Maudlin Dog - Ode




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