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Stunned straight: Max Feinstein and Phoenix Dark reviews

Max Feinstein and Phoenix Dark reviews

Phoenix Dark – Devil May Care

Genre: Classic Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Alanis Morisette, Cher, Chris Cornell

Modern record labels tend to embrace either one of two strategies when singing and promoting their artists. On the one hand, many of them believe that nostalgic rock fans are the ones that are going to be the most inclined to buy their products. As a consequence, the label execs seek exclusively the performers that resemble the most successful artists of yesteryear.

There’s another approach as well, but often this is just as misguided. You see, most record labels are also wary of repeating the mistake of the past and missing out on what will become the latest trend. In order to avoid that, they sign all the acts that they consider to be trendy and put behind them their full promotional machine. 

The right answer, most likely, involves a mix of the two strategies. Phoenix Dark’s Devil May Care is set to surprise audiences with a great balancing act between modern rock and classic 80s radio singles. There’s a majesty to the chorus and the way that it is sung that is meant to remind you of the kind of performers that had no need of extra self-assurance when packing stadiums full of people during that fabled decade. What ain’t broke doesn’t need fixing, but the ones that are able to make it run even smoother are bound to be the real winners. 

Max Feinstein – Pass

Genre: Classic / Instrumental – Folk / Acoustic – Metal

Confidence is the element that often separates success and failure. This is an explanation available for all types of efforts in all areas of life. However, when it comes to the modern music world, this is always bound to ring true. Like it or not, the bands and artists that end up achieving the success that they crave so much are the ones that are able to embrace a fake it ‘til you make it approach. 

The difference between an artist that has $1 million to spend on promotion and another that is broke is just the money, most of the time. Bands that were able to play their tiny bar gigs as if they were playing Wembley Stadium are the ones that eventually got the chance to play those fabled arenas. When you think about it, the difference between lo-fi, DYI-rock, and the kind of music that comes packaged with a rubber stamp from a major record label is just the cash involved in making it. 

Max Feinstein’s Pass is a lo-fi break-up song played with the confidence of someone that is looking to impress the record exec big-wigs sitting in an ivory tower on top of the hill. Yes, it’s a nice little ditty about getting screwed over. But, its real charm comes from the confidence with which the song, and the accompanying music video, are approached. This isn’t music meant to be in front of only a few core believers. Not if Max Feinstein has anything to say about it. 

Phoenix Dark - Devil May Care


Max Feinstein - Pass




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