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The mystery machine: Maximiliano and Vocabularies

Maximiliano and Vocabularies

Vocabularies – Alaska

Similar artists: Grandaddy

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

There aren’t many things left to hide behind. There isn’t much mystery left to exploit. Almost everyone seems to broadcast their lives on the internet, from paupers to British princes. 

If you’re putting yourself out there, chances are that you are living with the fear that someone already has access to that information. As we speak, there are countries with enough cameras to watch all of their citizens, identify them, and stop them if required. 

Playing in a band, hiding behind a guitar or a drum set, from that perspective, has never been more attractive. However, all of the sweet attention once given to musicians seems to have been replaced. What’s the solution? 

For Vocabularies the way forward is just to move to a place with much less competition. Why not  Alaska? Here’s a tune born out of familiar 90s rock guitar rumble and an ever-romantic vision of what an artist’s life could be like. Well, maybe Alaska could be the next Berlin. They allow drinking there, right?

Maximiliano – Miles

Similar artists: All Them Witches, The Black Keys, Ron Gallo

Genre: Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

What exactly is off-limits to a poet? Nothing, really! The contract, if such a thing existed, would clearly state that a poet must experience everything without being judged by ordinary rules. 

To what end, though? The poet is then supposed to fuel visions and find the right words to tell the world of what it should do. Not everyone can be a poet, I guess, so it’s a deal the world will need to live with. 

How can you tell good poetry from bad one? Generally, you cannot. I mean, of course, you can pretend to understand. But, when it’s tough to understand, it must be good. 

Maximiliano’s Miles seems to describe the mysterious path of such a rock n’ roll poet. To his aid, the musician summons the cover of darkness represented here by folk-rock instrumentation. It’s hard to know where the artist is going, but it’s easy to understand we must not stand in his way. 

Vocabularies - Alaska


Maximiliano - Miles




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